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Spells For Temporaneous Test Environments!

In the contemporary software test domain, test environments must play by our rules. They must be 100% available when we need them and cost us nothing when we don’t. The technology stack is now available to allow our tests to automatically conjure up the required test environment resources when the test needs them and make them disappear when it doesn’t. A little thought can make this now you see it, now you don’t environment a reality for your organisation. The Expert Software Test wizards have created the spells, let me share the magic! This presentation will focus on cloud based test automation environments and how best to control the resources needed to execute your tests. The epoch of expensive hardware racks is over; a new world order of cloud based machines has removed the capex issue but it also presents a new opportunity…. The defined duration and/or scheduled test execution period is over; We can now automatically ‘event-trigger’ our test execution and create short-term, large-scale temporaneous environment resources for functional, load and stress testing. Sit back and watch as your test environment costs disappear..

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Cloud Based Test Automation

Solid test automation framework architecture is a key aspect in delivering successful test execution. Organisations must invest time in developing appropriate automation frameworks if they expect robust test execution. Once the framework architecture is right, there are a number of reasons why deploying the framework on the cloud may be appropriate. This presentation will outline real world experiences of deploying and using enterprise level functional and nonfunctional test execution frameworks on the cloud and covers the main business, technical and cultural advantages and disadvantages.

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